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Sketch no. 2

Second sketch actually done in the gallery. I was brave and did a quick sketch in Sheffield Art Gallery today. Please see below for comparison, not good I know but recognisable at least. It’s ‘Jeanne Paysanne Breton’ by Roderic O’Conor.


My first sketch

I first have to say that I am absolutely no artist in any shape or form. When I saw that part of the course was doing some sketching I was a little worried, but I then read it is not assessed so some relief. I did my first sketch at the weekend. The plan was to do it in Manchester Art Gallery but I got cold feet so bought some postcards and did it at home.


It turned out OK as I went for a deliberately simple picture to copy. The process of sketching did help me to appreciate how the picture was composed and executed a little better. So as a first experience it was OK but still not sure I will be sketching in the gallery for a while yet.